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Why Use Toliman

Improved patient outcomes via shared decision-making technology

Patient compliance and satisfaction are important factors in determining treatment outcome. Treatment plans that your patients can be involved in and buy into, mean greater compliance and, in turn, improved outcomes. 

Leverage your healthcare expertise

You and your team know what goes into the best treatment decisions and achieving the best outcomes in your field. Engaged, fully informed patients are not just critical in achieving these endpoints, but are also happier patients. We will create an app that enables you to leverage your expertise. 

Save time during consultations

Providing quality face-to-face time between the patient and healthcare team is being put under constant pressure by increasing regulatory requirements and other constraints. With information on treatment options readily available prior to the patient’s visit, your new app will save time during consultations by creating informed patients, already armed with the knowledge they need, which saves valuable consultation time that can be better used to address their specific concerns.

New patient acquisition

A beautifully designed, easy to use, patient-centered app is a powerful tool for capitalizing on the ubiquity of mobile electronic devices. As a handy repository of knowledge for individuals in search of reliable medical information and treatment options, your new app can serve as an important resource for bringing new patients to your practice.

Highest quality at affordable prices

There are plenty of healthcare app companies but none offers the high quality of Toliman at such an affordable price. 

Full maintenance and Support

Focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest. We can make sure that your app remains up to date, maintained and supported fully so that you can always depend on it working seamlessly for your patients. 

How Your Patients Will Benefit


Our apps can increase patient satisfaction by improving their access to the correct information, and allowing them to review relevant treatment options and other information they need at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own homes.

Patient advocacy

Increasingly, patients want to feel involved in their treatment decision-making. They want their voices heard. Our apps provide the evidence-based information and tools patients need to feel empowered and enable them to be part of their treatment planning conversations. 

Better shared decision-making through greater patient focus

As doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and patient navigators, it takes time to understand exactly the needs of each patient. This is becoming increasingly difficult since face-to-face time with patients is constantly being eroded. Toliman’s proprietary technology provides patients the autonomy to decide exactly how involved they want to be in their treatment decision-making process. This in turn enables the healthcare team to better allocate face-to-face time according to the patient’s needs.

Online community and support

Our community feature connects patients with the support they need. Studies show that peer support – including help and advice from other people who have had similar experiences, either as patients or caregivers – is an important part of a strong and very helpful support system.